The Magic Properties of Essential Oils

Aromatherapy and essential oils are extremely popular nowadays. It is very important to know, that the essential oils are not perfumes. The perfumes, even though they smell great, are just a mixture of all kind of chemical agents. They have nothing to do with aromatherapy and essential oils. So, read the following information and learn more about the benefits of the essential oils and why you have to use these healthy natural products.

Their natural power is enormous, that is why all the specialists advice people to gather more information about their proper and safe usage. Check out below the main essential oils and their properties. Improve your knowledge and get the best results for your mental and physical health.

Essential oils and their healing properties

Eucalyptus oil
Well known and widely use by people, who suffer from respiratory system diseases. The scent of eucalyptus facilitates the deep breathing and is also used to relieve muscle pain.

The incense essential oil helps in the treatment of many diseases such as pulmonary infections, urogenital problems, chronic diarrhea, ulcers and excessive bleeding. It also finds application in treatment acne, burns, fungal infections and more complicated wounds.

Wild Geranium
It reduces the stress and anxiety. Also helps for the recovery of the capillaries in burn areas, cuts or eczema. Geranium essential oil is very used in many skin care products and ensures their effect on both dry or oily skin. Check the ingredients of the skin care products you use at the moment and you will find out with your own eyes how useful it is.

Jasmine oil
Used for relaxation, warming and in cases of poisoning. Jasmine essential oil is very strong aphrodisiac. It is mostly used for relaxation, but it also helps to restore dry, sensitive or irritated skin.

Lavender oil
Aromatherapy specialists use it to cure rheumatism, respiratory problems, abdominal spasms, depression, stress, insomnia, sunburns and various skin infections and diseases.

Patchouli oil
Patchouli essential oil has very positive effect on the skin, helps during infections and insects bites. As any other essential oil, it reduces the stress, addictions and other abuses.

Rosemary oil
It is highly effective for people suffering fatigue, poor metabolism and also has beneficial effect if you have muscle pain. People with airways problems often seek its help.

Sandalwood oil
It is great for relaxation and warming and is also very popular aphrodisiac. Sandalwood essential oil is great for skin care with its moisturizing and nourishing properties. You can find it in many aromatherapy homemade recipes and products.

There are some certain oils, which you must avoid according your condition. If you are pregnant avoid at any cost- fennel, cedar, lavender, jasmine, rose, juniper, marjoram, myrrh, rosemary and thyme. They can make you uncomfortable and kind of sick during your pregnancy. If you suffer from epilepsy do not apply camphor, fennel and rosemary oil.

How to apply aromatherapy essential oils?

Add several drops of the chosen essential oil in a cup of boiled water. Inhale the vapor for 15-30 minutes. This method will clear your sinuses and is very effective during cold.

You just have to add at about 15 drops of essential oil in a cup of distilled water and your homemade refreshing spray is ready.

You can also use aromatherapy essential oils during massage. The effect and the benefit are amazing.

These are the basic essential oils properties and methods of usage. Check out which one is suitable and effective for you and do not waste time. Just go for it.